Social Responsibility

We are taking special care that our little brand is socially responsible.

We don't love only humans, we love other living beings. That is why we donate 1,00 € from each sold product to dog shelter "Indigo" to help finance accommodation and medical supplies for abandoned dogs. Not only do we do that, but one of our team members is former resident of "Indigo". His name is Ari, and he loves eating, chasing balls and stealing slippers!

Also, all our products come packed in biodegradable, reusable zipper bags. Be sure to keep them and use them for various purposes when you get your No Quitters apparel.

Koristimo kolačiće kako bi ti pružili najbolje iskustvo na našem webshopu. Molimo prihvati korištenje kolačića kako bi imao potpuno iskustvo No Quitters webshopa.