Our Story


It all began when we started to do crossfit and immediately fell in love with it. As passionate crossfiters, we wanted to bring functional and fashionable apparel to all people who train hard and live a healthy life every day as we do. Fitness is for us a lifestyle, a focal point of our day, it should be a time well spent. Brblls, No Quitters Apparel, was born.

No Quitters is not just a catchphrase, it is a moto, according to which not only we but all fitness junkies live their lives. Our vision is to move the limits of workout & lifestyle clothing, to change the game and create and produce exciting apparel which you will love to wear. The driving idea is that if fitness is important part of your life and you demand the best from yourself every day, then the apparel you workout in and wear during your day, must also be perfect.

No Quitters philosophy means that we won’t quit from searching for this perfect piece of apparel. Our promise is to bring customized tailoring, functional materials, fashionable design and high quality print to our apparel. Most of our apparel is designed, tailored and produced by us from the scratch. You can be assured that every fabric we use is sourced and discussed by us, the sewing and printing process is controlled by us and in the end the apparel is tested by our friends and us in our everyday life.

No Quitters means also that we will never quit to be Human. That is why we as small business, take special care that our apparel is produced locally in our neighborhood, in small family companies which are the cornerstone of our economy. We also take care about other living beings, so from every piece of our apparel you buy, we donate to local dog shelter to help purchase food and medical supplies for abandoned dogs.

We are No Quitters, you can be too !

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